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"At Dietitian Connection I know that time-saving resources, fast-track strategies and expert insight can help you build your profile, your services or your business. This dynamic downloadable package, designed and delivered by Matt O'Neill brings you the best elements of mentoring, business coaching and nutrition industry insight for your success."

Maree Ferguson
Founder, Dietitian Connection

Matt explains

What could you achieve?

Imagine what you could achieve with the right ideas, insights and tools:

Jump the career queue as a new graduate

Get more clients as a Dietitian

Launch an app as a Nutritionist

Start a new career in nutrition

Build a bigger media or social profile

Create a nutrition brand or campaign

Shine in the nutrition business

Whether you want to boost your profile, launch a nutrition program/service or expand your business, the Dietitian Connection SuperStar Coaching Package will help you make it happen sooner and more effectively, saving what could be thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort.

What's in the package?

Available as a do-it-yourself download or combine with coaching.

Save your spot!

1 Simple model

This unique package for Dietitians and Nutritionists is designed around a very simple but powerful model for success. You'll learn how to; Inspire Motivate, Manage, Reward and Retain clients.

This model can be used to enhance your individual client coaching and can be used for nutrition product development, website creation or even creating a nutrition campaign for the masses.

5 Webinar Recordings

Ready to watch on any device. Each webinar recording is packed with big ideas, smart strategies, time-saving tools and apps. 

Matt also gives you nutrition industry reality checks and secrets learnt in 25 years as a Dietitian and entrepenuer.

  • Opportunities and realities in the nutrition marketplace.
  • What really inspires the public & colleagues to listen to you.
  • How to turn your passion into a unique point of difference.

Webinar 1 - How to Inspire people to take notice

  • Which hot buttons make people want dietary advice.
  • How to package nutrition into services that sell.
  • What to do to get buy-in, payments and contracts.

Webinar 2 - How to Motivate people to act

  • How to market to contacts and clients in the digital age.
  • Which software and apps open new opportunities.
  • When to outsource tasks to get more done.

Webinar 3 - How to Manage people's experience

  • How to energise people to eat well with natural rewards.
  • When to gamify healthy eating to make it more fun.
  • How to manage your own balance and rewards.

Webinar 4 - How to Reward people to stick with you

  • How to keep paying clients for longer.
  • When to partner with others for mutual benefit.
  • How to get people to recommend you more often.

Webinar 5 - How to Retain clients or get referrals

100 Practical Resources

You get over 100 weblinks to recommended blogs, game-changing books, software solutions and streamlining apps to save you time and effort building your nutrition business, brand or product.

200 Planning Questions

Your SuperStar Planning Questionnaire will help you identify your values, goals, strengths and opportunities. It will also ensure you consider all the options and digital solutions for building your nutrition business.

Your Master Plan

Your simple Master Plan document will bring all your ideas and options together into a coherent and confident plan of action. You'll set your priorities and timeline to make your professional dreams a reality.

Add a one-on-one session

For that extra nudge, more personalised advice or confidential feedback on your nutrition business ideas, you can book a targeted 50 minute phone, Skype or GoToMeeting session with Matt O'Neill.

Just one session can create a real breakthrough.

About your guide and coach, Matt O'Neill

Matt is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management.

Since being one the first graduates with dual exercise science and dietetic qualifications in 1993, he has gained valuable experience and insights as; Fitness Trainer for Medifit, Senior Food Policy Officer at the Australian Consumers’ Association, Weight Loss Coach for Men’s Health Magazine, Dietitian for elite rugby teams, Consultant to weight loss and food companies, University lecturer, Dietetic student supervisor, Seminar presenter in eight countries, TV regular and entrepreneur.

SmartShape, which he founded in 2000 delivers training and resources for health professionals and his own weight management program, Metabolic Jumpstart has attracted over 22,000 participants and 70 Official Partners.

Matt has a gifted ability to educate and inspire, with an energising and infectious presentation style.

5 Steps to your success


Complete your SuperStar Planning Questionnaire.


Watch each webinar, making notes as you go.


Use the resources in your SuperStar Resource List


Complete your Master Plan to create your pathway to success.


For support and expert advice, book a session with Matt.

Thanks Matt & Maree. The first webinar was great! Despite being part of the nutrition industry for many years I still got so much out of it. I look forward more pearls of wisdom in the webinars to come.

Alison Patterson, Advanced Sports Dietitian

"Matt was extremely generous with information and advice - and the best part is that he understands how to apply his business acumen in the health professional world. I’d highly recommend Matt’s services to anyone needing to get some clarity & direction with their dietetic business."

Sally Garrard, Accredited Sports Dietitian

"Matt’s SuperStar package is about coaching us to be more than “just dietitians. My brain is booming with new tools and the inside scoop on how to start and then build my personal brand. I’ve developed a deeper understanding of the why, the how and the what of running a successful nutrition business as well as using this as a coaching tool."

Kate Agnew, APD

What customers are saying

Big ideas and small wins

Whether you are looking for big picture inspiration, logical business steps or a bunch of time-saving apps, the Dietitian Connection SuperStar Coaching Package can help you.

You are investing in the knowledge, know-how, tools and inspiration to apply to any current or future nutrition opportunities you wish to pursue. All the webinars and materials are yours to keep and are a resource to use again and again.

One-On-One Session

50-Minute phone, Skype or GoToMeeting session with Matt

Video recording of your session with GoToMeeting

Matt's review of your Planning Questionnaire

Matt's review of your website, social media & resources.

Session objectives agreed at the start to give value

Email summary from Matt with specific advice & resources

Add a coaching session to really shine

What's included

Five one-hour webinar video recordings (MP4 files)

Comprehensive Planning Questionnaire (200 questions)

Copy of all webinar slides (PDF)

Summary, ideas list & action plan for each webinar (PDF)

Master Plan template with timeline plan (PDF)

Resource list with links to over 100 links (Evernote)

Planning Questionnaire & Master Plan by instant download.

Webinar access sent within 24 hours.

Easy access on any device

We use Dropbox and Evernote to deliver your SuperStar Coaching Package. It's easy!

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Starter Package
One-on-One Session to shoot for your star.

There's nothing like feeling confident that you are on the right track with your nutrition ideas and direction.

Add a one-on-one session with Matt O'Neill as your kick-start, sounding board or cheerleader.

Only $120 additional when you buy the starter package. Normally $245 per session.

You save 50% ($125).


Starter Package
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One-on-One Sessions to fly the whole journey!

Support every step of the way to your goal or to explore exciting new opportunities.

Matt O'Neill is your co-pilot for five 50-minute sessions to guide and back you.

$979 total (Save $441**)

Starter package included free. Normally $1420.

Or pay by installment

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Just want a one-on-on session?


You can purchase a session with Matt O'Neill at any time as a once off.

Book a session at any time to nudge you along.

You don't need to buy the SuperStar package and Matt will schedule a mutually convenient time during business hours.

$245 per 50-min session.

Prices in $AUD. All payments to SmartShape
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